Canadian Shipments

All shipments should be sent to us via Con-Way Trucking, Fed-Ex Motor Freight or Yellow Freight.  We receive great freight discounts with these freight companies.  Hunting Licenses and necessary export permits are required for importing hunting trophies. Grizzly and Black Bear may require additional documentation (cites permit) to import  into the U.S.A.  Your outfitter will take care of all proper documentation for shipment.


Alaskan Shipments

 Any hunting trophies coming out of the Anchorage area, we suggest using D&C Expediters which is our receiving station.  They have great freight discounts.  They are located at  1200 E. 76th Ave., Ste.1228, Anchorage, AK  99518.  You can contact Shean Hardesty at the Office: 907-344-9719 or Cell: 907-441-2903.  If necessary, Shean will meet you at the airport or a hotel/motel in Anchorage to pick up your trophies.



Shipping within the US

If possible, freeze the cape or skin and place in a burlap sack or a cloth bag so the hide can breathe. Then place the horns and skin in a cooler.  If a cooler is not available use a cardboard box with shredded paper or styrofoam packing peanuts.  Ship first or second day UPS.  Please call to advise us the trophies are on the way.



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